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Reno Boat and RV Show

About Us

Longtime show producer, Al Lockett of Lockett Incorporated, developed the Lockett Shows of today.The idea of producing shows came to Al over 46 years ago—It was in 1967. He has been producing convention center shows ever since.


If you’ve been in the Reno area for any length of time, you’ll remember Al’s original shows—the indoor motorcycle races and custom car show, both held at the Reno Fairgrounds when it was just the small event building on Wells Ave.


Over time, Al built his shows on a much larger scale and began producing shows out of what was once called the ‘Centennial Coliseum’—now the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.


His most popular show, the Autorama, partly due to all the car buffs in the Reno Area, but mostly due to his ingenuity and interest in custom cars and rebuilding the old classics.

The natural progression from the custom car show was the introduction of the Reno Boat, Sport & RV Show. Attendees were delighted with a showroom full of custom RV’s, motorhomes and travel trailers.


Al’s home shows came next—the Reno Spring Home & Garden Show and the Reno Fall Home & Lifestyle Show. Both shows have been a great success and have supported local business owners in their efforts to reach local home owners.


Over the years, Al passed the throne onto his wife, Shirley Lockett. Shirley has tirelessly continued Al’s efforts and has dedicated herself to producing the best convention center shows in the Reno area. Born and raised in Fresno she continued the tradition and brought that support to business owners in her home town of Fresno.


Shirley Lockett didn’t stop there though. Shirley is the power behind the production of the bridal shows in Reno and Fresno.


Shirley saw a need and developed the Grand Bridal Showplace and the Bridal & Beauty Expo. Brides now have an event where they can build relationships with all the vendors they need to create their perfect wedding.


More recently, Al & Shirley have taken up the reigns together and developed the Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo and the Reno Boat & Recreation, Travel & Vacation Show. Both shows have everything for the outdoor and off-road enthusiast—from snowshoes to magnificent RV’s and recreational vehicles, from winches and travel racks to some of the coolest off-road rigs.

Al & Shirley Lockett are proud of the shows and look forward to a future providing the community with shows throughout the years.

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Contact us:

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